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Entry Title: "Dreamscapes Les Copines Series"
cheryl maeder
, United States
Category and Expertise: Nudes, Professional

Entry Description: In my body of work, Dreamscapes, Les Copines, my inspiration was Renoir and I wanted to combine his influence with 21st century photography. I chose to photograph real women, not models, who are proud of who they are and feel comfortable in their own bodies. I wanted to celebrate their aloneness, not loneliness, and the intimacy of their relationship with each other, which requires no words.

As an artist and woman, I have focused my entire photography career on breaking through stereotypes, How women are viewed in the media is very important to me. In the year of 2003, I began to explore photographing real women rather than the stereotypical fashion models. I began to photograph full size women conveying that beauty exists in all shapes and sizes. I considered the mainstream view of women to be outdated and wanted to transform the way women were viewed. My photography work became the inspiration for the Dove Campaign on Real Women, Real Beauty both in United States and globally throughout the world.