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Entry Title: "walking in deer park"
saba hasan
, India
Category and Expertise: Abstract, Professional

Entry Description: Saba Hasan is a New Delhi-based artist, with a body of work consisting of paintings, book sculptures, photographs, videos and sound presented since 1998.
An important preoccupation bringing ecology and city life into focus as part of her practice are Saba’s walks in neighbouring Deer Park and Hauz Khas. She has built a large body of photographs tracing these walks from 2007 to 2014.

She has mirrored these walks around Lake Geneva, Jardins des Plantes, Kyoto’s Zen Gardens and New York’s Central Park and is setting out on more.

Saba is a recipient of international fellowships at Syracuse University, New York, the Florence Biennale, The French Cultural Ministry Grant for a residency in Paris, the Oscar Kokoshka Academy, Austria and the recipient of the Raza National Award for painting, 2005.