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Entry Title: "Crossings"
Andrey Gordasevich
, Russian Federation
Category and Expertise: Book (Series Only), Professional

Entry Description: 'Crossings' is a photobook by Andrey Gordasevich, where he mixes portraits and city fragments from contemporary St.Petersburg with some found objects from the past – postcards, letters, drawings, maps, old photographs and other. Each portrait is accompanied by a micro-text about the meeting of the author with this person.

Here is what Andrey stated as a foreword to the book:

'In any city at any instant, people are meeting. Sometimes these meetings are planned, sometimes they are chance, as people’s paths cross. In any such crossing it is its tone that counts. From this, a general feeling of the city is formed. In Saint-Petersburg there is one more crossing, which drives me: the crossing of the present and the past. That is why I am mixing my meetings with fragments of the past. All names and stories are real. Any similarities with fiction are unintended.'