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Entry Title: "Side Effects Book"
Kacper Kowalski
, Poland
Category and Expertise: Book (Series Only), Professional

Entry Description: Side Effects:
What interest me the most are intersection points of society and nature, it is where interesting things happen: disorder in harmony, emergence of new forms.” “Side Effects” presents a sky-high journey to the core of the complicated human-nature relationship. It demonstrates how human race changes the environment and how the nature fights back against this influence. When flying, I cannot build a relationship with people the way it is in classical photography. I look at forests, fields and lakes. I look at natural catastrophes and I watch people taking rest - what I see is a portrait of civilization.

Photographs: Kacper Kowalski
Publisher: Rafal Łochowski,
132 pages
Pictures: 80 colour illustrations
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978839357982
Comments: 33.5 x 23 cm, first edition of 1000 + 1000 second print, polish and english, hardcover