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Entry Title: "Black Blood - Land of Poisons"
Gaetano Fisicaro
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Environmental, Photo Essay, Professional

Entry Description: Campania, Italy’s region, in recent years has been under the spotlight for the problem known as the Land of Fire, a term that nevertheless makes the problem very simplistic. It would be correct to speak of Land of Poison because the problem is not only due to the fires but also the burial of toxic waste that have made this corner of Italy a bloodbath color to black as the color of the leachate, poison, flowing under the land , which drives away the lifeblood and sowing death.
The territory covered by this phenomenon extends from the province of Naples on the outskirts of the province of Caserta. An area of about 1,700 square kilometers, which includes about 88 towns, and affects more than 2 millions and a half people who have to deal with one of the greatest hardships and environmental disasters of all Italy.
From the second half of the 80s in several areas, particularly in areas north of Naples and south of Caserta, though the complicity of politics leaders and organized crime were spilled on land and in quarries in the area about 10 million tons of industrial waste, toxic and even radioactive in legal and illegal landfills. The disposal took place for years through landfill up to 20 meters or more underground, and today continues to be by incineration of waste that is the so-called phenomenon of the fires that gave then the name of Land of Fires. The environmental disaster caused is of unprecedented proportions, as it went to affect soil, subsoil, air and activities related to them, with a irreversible pollution risk of the aquifer.
This environmental disaster hit related areas to the activities of the area, such as agriculture and breeding.

The environmental disaster is then associated with the main human health. In several areas it was noted an increase of tumors and a large number of cancer deaths; among those most affected, unfortunately, they include children. Too many innocent victims killed by tumors that grow relentlessly talking about an increase of 300% over the past three years. This is also compounded by the fact that in the area facilities are undersized compared to the emergency in progress.
I decided to investigate this issue , documenting the problems of environmental pollution, an invisible monster hidden under ground, all without neglecting the consequences of this environmental stress on the man who gets sick more and more and not see future in this land.