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Entry Title: "Only The Wind"
Alberto Bregani
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Conflict, Landscape, Landscapes, Professional

Entry Description: "Only The Wind" - Twenty-one months along the Austro-Hungarian and Italian mountain frontline of the 1st World War . 2013/2014 [ - ] B/W Analog, fuji6x9 Ilford film - LowRes Scan to entry the competition _ HiRes scans available - WW1 conflict centenary 1914/2014 | Assignement from Trentino Region

This project has been a great yet intense personal experience; more than just a work of photography. For two years, I have lived with a deep and persistent sense of grief and sadness due to what I have seen, collected and read in the war diaries.
I have tried to convey the presence of the war through its absence, through the unforgettable and devastating remains of what was and what is, through profound silence.
I have tried to avoid unnecessary rhetoric as much as possible, photographing what I perceived to be suspended, still and crystallised over time. Views of indescribable beauty, yet with such striking contrasts which cannot be ignored. Now more than ever. -

The "Only The Wind" photographic fund, 85 photographs, is now managed by MART; Museum of contemporary and Mdern Art of Trento e Rovereto, Italy)